Wednesday 26 March 2014


Junior British Championships 2014

This coming weekend not only sees a battle for the title of British Champion 2014, but also an equally anticipated fight for the crown of Junior British Champion. There are many up and coming young gymnasts who are making their mark on the sport in Britain and this competition is sure to be a nail biting one. So who can we expect to see?

Tyesha Mattis
The reigning Junior Champion, Tyesha will be hoping to power ahead of the rest of the field and reclaim her title. A gymnast who seems to be going from strength to strength, she has already taken the title of English Junior Champion. (Incidentally, she posted a score of 55.300, almost 1 whole point higher than the top score in the Senior competition.) Tyesha will definitely be aiming for the top of the podium this weekend.

Catherine Lyons
Catherine has had an amazing career as an Espoir gymnast and is now facing her first year as a Junior. Having won many titles as an Espoir, she recently had to settle for second place behind Tyesha at the recent English Championships. I have no doubt that she will be aiming for the top spot this weekend.

Georgia-Mae Fenton
Georgia-Mae is another gymnast making her debut as a Junior, having won the Espoir title last year. Will she be able to repeat her success from 2013 and take the crown as the Junior British Champion in 2014? Only working two pieces in the English Championships (bars and beam), Georgia-Mae is nevertheless one to watch.

Amy Tinkler
Amy has been one to watch for some time now and this will be no exception this weekend. She took the Silver medal in the all around competition last year and recently took the Bronze medal at the English Championships. She has some interesting and difficult work and will definitely be aiming for the medal podium.

Ellie Downie
Proving the saying 'it runs in the family', Ellie is firmly following in big sister Becky's footsteps. Ellie has a great deal to offer as an all around gymnast, finishing 4th at the recent English Championships. She will definitely be one to keep an eye out for this weekend.

Teal Grindle
Teal has been making her mark on British gymnastics for some time and will be hoping to impress once again this weekend. A first year Junior, she has been used to being on the medal podium as an Espoir and will no doubt be hoping to make it there as a Junior this year.

This is of course just a handful of the fabulous gymnasts who will be competing for the title this weekend and it looks set to be a fantastic competition.

Good luck to all the girls competing this weekend!

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