About Me

I am a gymnastics fan. I have never been a gymnast - failure to even get on the vault at school let alone over it made it fairly obvious it would never happen! I do think I may have been a gymnast in a previous life though and I love the idea of being able to fly!

I fell in love with gymnastics as a teenager but living in Britain, gymnastics was never that easy to find. The competitions I did find out about were dutifully taped, watched and rewatched until I was almost word perfect with the commentators. The passion for gymnastics never left me and as I grew and changed so did the world of gymnastics, getting ever more difficult, ever more spectacular.

I started helping out at a local gym a few years ago and since then have become a Level 2 WAG coach and a Club Judge. It is so much fun to be in the gym and work with the gymnasts, helping them to improve and seeing them enjoy this fabulous sport.

With a love of writing that is almost as strong as my passion for gymnastics I decided to try putting the two together and start a blog. I want to try to share my ideas and opinions about all things gymnastic, whether from the past, the present or thinking towards the future. My blog will be about things I find interesting - I hope you do too!


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