Saturday 28 December 2013


My Favourite Vaults of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close I want to take a look at some of the routines that have stood out for me throughout the year. They may not necessarily be the highest scoring or the the most difficult, but simply ones that I have enjoyed watching. So here are my top 5 Vaults of 2013:

5 - Rebecca Tunney
Not the most difficult vault but, coming from a country where the 1 1/2 twisting Yurchenko has been the most difficult vault performed by many, Rebecca's beautiful DTY really stands out. We haven't seen much of Rebecca this year (certainly not as much as I would have liked to see) but her vaulting form is still beautiful to watch.

 Rebecca Tunney, Vault, 2013 World Championships

4 - Giulia Steingruber
Having been thought of as a vault specialist for many years, Giulia has spent much of 2013 reminding people that she is in fact a very good all around gymnast. This, however, has not altered her fantastic vaulting in any way. With some of the more difficult vaults around, it is also refreshing to see a gymnast who still chooses a forward approach to the table rather than the more common round off approach.

Giulia Steingruber, Vault, 2013 Stuttgart World Cup

3 - Simone Biles
Controversial perhaps, but yes I am putting Simone Biles in at number 3! Her Amanar is performed beautifully and almost always has a near perfect landing. Her second vault is also good, but for me lacks the difficulty and excitement of others. Saying that, I still absolutely love to watch Simone on vault.

Simone Biles, Vault, 2013 World Championships

2 - Lisa Mason
Again not the most difficult of vaults, but this girl really needs a mention - to come back after 12 years of retirement, win Vault at the English Championships and make the final at the British Championships, at the age of 31, is quite a feat! She proved to everyone that she has not lost her fighting spirit or her gymnastics skills with this near perfect vault:

Lisa Mason, Vault, 2013 British Championships

1 - McKayla Maroney
Yes, I have chosen that Amanar as my favourite vault! It may not have been executed or landed quite as perfectly as we saw in 2012, but for me, the height and flight McKayla gets in this most difficult of vaults makes it simply stunning to watch. Add to that a complex and well executed second vault and you have, in my opinion, a worthy winner of the Vault title at the 2013 World Championships.

McKayla Maroney, Vault, 2013 P&G National Championships

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