Saturday 1 December 2012

Ruby Harrold

Interview with GB's Ruby Harrold

Ruby Harrold is a first year senior gymnast who started her senior career with Team GB in some style, by not only making the team for the European Championships but also making it to the Uneven Bars final. I have no doubt that she is a gymnast we will see a lot more of over the next few years. Here she looks back on 2012 as well as looking ahead to the future.

What have been the highs and lows of 2012 for you?
Highs: Competing at the European Championships in Belgium. It was amazing to finally be in a major senior competition. I learnt a lot and gained experience.
Lows: Getting injured right before the games. It was huge a disappointment but hopefully there will be other opportunities for me in the future.

How has competing as a senior been different from junior competitions?
I haven't competed much as a senior but from what I learnt from the Euros in Belgium is that at Senior there is a lot more pressure in the competition than at junior.

What was your most memorable moment of 2012?
Competing in the Bar final at the European Championships in Belgium.

What are your hopes for 2013?
My hopes for 2013 are to compete my best at the British in March and trial for a space in the European or worlds teams.

Looking further into the future, what are your main goals?
Compete at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

How do you manage to balance your home / school life with your gymnastics training?
I've managed to get a good balance. Gymnastics is a huge part of my life and I manage to fit school around it. Unlike every other A level student I only take 3 subjects rather than 4 so this makes missing lessons and catch up work easier.  

What do you enjoy doing to relax when you are away from the gym?
I like to sleep ;) and spend time with friends.

What are the best things and the hardest things about being a gymnast?
Best: Travelling the world and being able to do loads of cool skills.
Hardest: Having to sacrifice a lot for my gymnastics.
Which gymnasts are your inspirations, both British and worldwide?
I don't have any specific gymnasts who inspire me. Any gymnast who competes for GB or is successful and wins medals in Europeans, Worlds or Olympics are inspirational.

Finally, five favourites:
Favourite colour? Red
Favourite food? Fajitas
Favourite book / author? The Hunger Games
Favourite tv show? Big Bang Theory
Favourite band / singer? The Script and Olly Murs

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