Monday 18 June 2012

Magic Moments Monday

Let the magic begin . . .

In 1992, at the age of 16, the extent of my gymnastics knowledge was that school P.E. lessons had proved that it was impossible to get over the horse. My appalling levels of co-ordination meant that most sporting activities were fairly alien to me and it never really occurred to me to hunt any out on T.V.

But that summer, something changed. Calling round at a friend's house, she was watching a rerun from the Olympics.
"Watch this," she said. "I saw it yesterday, it's amazing. She got a perfect 10."
I watched. Lavinia Milosovici. Barcelona 1992. Floor Exercise. It was magic. I was hooked. To see such elegance combined with such power, to see such amazing acrobatics combined with such lightness and bounce and all with such fun and enjoyment.

It truly was a magic moment and one which will stay with me forever. Lavinia Milosovici is the last gymnast to have received a perfect 10. She is also still one of my favourite gymnasts to date.


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